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  • Mitigating The Silence, A review on Mawuli Adzei’s Taboo


    Title: Taboo Author: Mawuli Adzei Publishers: Kwadwoan Publishing Year : 2012 Pages: 245 Reviewer: Kwabena Agyare Yeboah ‘’ Places are ghosts.’’ ‘’ Memories are ghosts.’’ ‘’ To name something is to bring it to life.’’ These sentences appear in different times in Yvonne Owuor’s eloquent, language-dense debut novel Dust. Owuor pr...

  • Book Review: In The Middle of Nowhere


    You will read it with anticipation, smiles, feelings of approval for acts of virtue and disapproval for acts of vice. It does not leave the reader impassive, but engages completely. It is a fast-paced story, and when the last page is turned and the last paragraph read, you will flip anxiously through the end pages for more. That is a guarantee! With a ...