We continue to demonstrate our full commitment to learners by publishing textbooks, literature and readers for all levels of endeavour.

Kwadwoan Publishing was founded and registered under the laws of Ghana in September 1996 – paving way for the company to enter the book publishing world. At the start of its operations, Kwadwoan carved a niche for itself in Study Guide publishing—having identified an acute need in that aspect of Ghana’s book publishing industry.

Having laid a solid foundation in indigenous publishing, we set upon ourselves to diversify into other aspects of publishing namely textbook and consumer (novels) book publishing.

Consequently, several of our published novels have won the prestigious Burt Award for African Literature, adding to our publishing repertoire.

  • Kwadwoan Publishing Team
  • Kwadwoan Publishing Team
  • Kwadwoan Publishing Team

We have come a long way, with candid humility, creativity and excellence—embracing all the modern publishing paraphernalia to give learners and the general readership a wholesome reading experience.


Every book you choose from Kwadwoan’s list of titles is carefully written, designed, proof-read and printed by top class printers thus ensuring the best published materials.



  • We provide excellent working conditions, which empower our staff to think on their feet and work under pressure in order to cause change.

  • We satisfy customers without compromising on quality.

  • We heed to high ethical and professional standards.

  • We thrive on enjoying what we do.


It is our religious objective to put learners first prior to commissioning, writing, editing, producing and pricing our books.

Our Values

  • Excellence: We synchronise a wide range of ideas and resources to ensure quality in content and output for all our titles. We believe that our products must be exceptional and outstanding on all fronts.

  • Dedication: Together with our teams, we are committed to use innovative ways to support the knowledge acquisition of all people.

  • Teamwork: Combining our individual and corporate efforts we pursue creative ideas as we strive to bring our clients the very best of our products and services.

  • Service: We ensure that every service we offer our customers leaves a positive imprint on their minds.

  • Foresight: With posterity in mind, we ensure that all our products and services are relevant and suitable for our range of clients.

Our skills

Team Work


To build a solid relationship between industry players and customers through the provision of quality books for children of all age groups, adults and general readers.


To be at the forefront of quality publishing at all levels of the educational structures in Ghana and the entire Anglophone West Africa.

Our Team

Nana Kwame Agyare
Nana Kwame Agyare
Head, Production Team
Gloria Addo-Safo
Gloria Addo-Safo
Production - Dep. Commissioning Editor
Dorcas Obenewaah
Dorcas Obenewaah
Head, MarketingTeam
Diana Brown
Diana Brown
Head, Finance Team