To build a solid relationship between industry players and customers through the provision of quality books for children of all age groups, adults and general readers.


To be at the forefront of quality publishing at all levels of the educational structures in Ghana and the entire Anglophone West Africa.


It is our religious objective to put learners first prior to commissioning, writing, editing, producing and pricing our books.


Learn French faster by listening and answering accompanying questions in
the textbooks.

Our Latest Articles

Effectiveness of workbooks in the teaching and learning process

Audrey Gyamfi

The term “workbook” means a number of things to different people. For frequent users of Excel, workbook is a computer document containing several linked spreadsheets. To some employers, it is a manual containing guidelines for workers…

Incorporating Interactivity in Textbooks

Dorcas Debrah

Can you remember the first textbook that gave you a solid grip of the concepts, topics and lessons you studied? Such textbooks boost your knowledge base and help you excel in school with great panache.

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We Believe In

  • Excellence

    We synchronise a wide range of ideas and resources to ensure quality in content and output for all our titles. We believe that our products must be exceptional and outstanding on all fronts.

  • Dedication

    Together with our teams, we are committed to use innovative ways to support the knowledge acquisition of all people.

  • Teamwork

    Combining our individual and corporate efforts we pursue creative ideas as we strive to bring our clients the very best of our products and services.

  • Foresight

    With posterity in mind, we ensure that all our products and services are relevant and suitable for our range of clients.

  • Service

    We ensure that every service we offer our customers leaves a
    positive imprint on their minds.

Authors' Profile

“Without quality, there is no market. Thus, we aim to publish only the best books on all fronts to serve the need of the current and future generations. In all this, our staff occupies the epicentre of our publishing business.”-CEO

Team Leaders

Nana Kwame Agyare
Nana Kwame Agyare
Head, Production Team
Diana Brown
Diana Brown
Head, Finance Team
Dorcas Obenewaah
Dorcas Obenewaah
Head, MarketingTeam
Gloria Addo-Safo
Gloria Addo-Safo
Production - Dep. Commissioning Editor

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Mitigating The Silence, A review on Mawuli Adzei’s Taboo

Title: Taboo Author: Mawuli Adzei Publishers: Kwadwoan Publishing Year : 2012 Pages: 245 Reviewer: Kwabena Agyare Yeboah ‘’ Places are ghosts.’’ ‘’ Memories are ghosts.’’ ‘’ To nam...