Frequently Asked Questions

Can Kwadwoan print for me?

Kwadwoan Publishing is basically a publishing firm but we are able to provide printing services for clients who are willing and ready to pay for it.

Can I purchase books directly from you?

Yes, you can. Just give us a call or send us an email.

What do I need to submit my manuscript?

Both a soft and hardcopy of the manuscript that has been well edited and printed on A4 paper
Proposal highlighting the following (for textbooks):
Target group and age for the manuscript
Realistic learning outcome
Overview of the learning outcomes

Will Kwadwoan take a look at my manuscript?

Yes. You are always welcome to submit both soft and hard copies of your manuscripts. A proposal must always accompany manuscript for a textbook

What is the publishing process?

Editing (and possible re-writing)
Contract signing
Design and typeset