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  • New Practical French Course Bk 1


    This is the first of three French books written for Junior High Schools in Ghana by Kwadwoan.  In this era of educational reform and its attendant emphasis on the study of French A New Practical French Course Book One provides the perfect course book to the French teacher and the pupil alike. ...

  • Kiddy English Book 2


    As an activity-based book, Kiddy English book 2 provides children with an opportunity to explore, observe, listen and express their thoughts on events, pictures and things in their environment. Pre-schooler’s will really gain a sense of confidence with a solid foundation as this. ...

  • Tough Call


    Just like other girls in her village, Aba is sent to the big city to work as a maid, equipped with just basic literacy skills. Though overworked and sometimes maltreated, she goes about her duties without complaint. Can any good come out from her ordeal? ...